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Know what's happening on your server!

You have an application. It's online you have users, but what's actually going on? What are these users doing? Do new people register accounts?

I have these issues. It's a great feeling to go into the database and discover that there are 20 new sign-ups. But who actually keeps track of those?

That's where @PushNoticeBot comes in. Easy to set up. Really simple to use. Just call the API, and a message will be sent to you via Telegram.

To see how the bot works, send him a message, he'll tell you how to get started. As a guideline, there is a really simple api and also a npm api client for you to get started with.

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About the Project

Who is this bot for?

Right now @PushNoticeBot is in its early stages. In its current form he's usable for many things in server applications. But the API is pretty simple and could easily be used in different use cases as well.

What about the future?

Right now the bot is implemented as an MVP. There are tons of additional feature ideas on my list. Being able to filter the namespaces, cluster notifications, make daily digests (based on namespace filters), and libraries to quickly add the bot to your code base. Additionally, I am thinking about a web interface to pipe messages to specific people or teams.

What does "Alpha v0.1" mean?

This means that the bot might not work as expected sometimes. I am working on it and when you find hickups, please message me on Telegram @spieglio or send an email!

Alpha also means that the use of @PushNoticeBot is completely free for use without limits. As more people start using the bot, I am planning to charge a small monthly fee based on usage and/or premium features (the lowest tier will remain free for personal use and side projects).